Student Perspective on Thunder Bay: With Farhan Yousaf

We need to focus on jobs for students and the investment in business to make those jobs happen.

Today I met with Farhan Yousaf, V.P. Operations and Finance and acting President at LUSU.

We talked for awhile together, with lots of interesting points left for me to consider. One that really stood out was that Farhan, an international student himself, loves our city and wants to live here. He, like many of his graduating friends are looking at what career options, and life opportunities exist for them in Thunder Bay.

We talked at length about the necessity of increasing the connections between agencies in the city with Lakehead University. We have a wealth of passion, training and potential that leaves the city as there is less and less apparent opportunity here. If we can work harder as a community to build the connections with the student populace, we can help to filter them into positions and projects here before they need to look elsewhere.

We need to ensure that with the coming election, that we don’t lose focus on youth. They don’t just represent the future, they represent RIGHT NOW.

I look forward to working with Farhan on student engagement and intend to help him to develop some of the inroad with the agencies in the city who can help fill out those needed connections.


I am really interested in hearing more about the student perspective. Send me a message or an email and let’s chat. Every single opinion matters and is worth discussing.


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