What is a Municipal Election

“Jim, I don’t know anything about voting!”

That is totally fine. Lots of people that I talk to express that with the way the world is going that they want to start getting involved but are not sure where to start. That is a fantastic mindset, we need more people voting. We need YOU to vote!

Here, let’s break it all down. If you have anymore questions just message me directly and let’s chat ๐Ÿ˜€

Having some issues voting?

Some people have reported problems with the information on their mailed voter cards or not getting one yet. If you are having a problem the number for the Voter Help Center is:ย 1-833-724-7312ย 

The link to the city video guides on voting online as well as another chance to see if you are on the voter list is right HERE

new city council!

Every 4 years our community votes for a new council. There are 13 people on it.

1 Mayor (The chairperson of the group)

5 At Large Councillors (Represents the whole city)

7 Ward Councillors (Represents their own ward)

Their job is to represent YOUR concerns and when the city administration or a citizen poses an issue, they are the group that votes “YES” or “NO” on your behalf. This group is only as effective as the members on it and it is up to all of us to make sure we vote in the people who best represent us, our families and the groups we are part of.

You get to vote for:

1 Mayor Candidate

5 At Large Candidates

1 Ward Candidate (In the ward you live in)

**”psst, what ward do I live in?” Check the attached Map! ๐Ÿ™‚

How to vote

OK, step number 1 is to check and see if you are on the voter list

Step 2 is finding the right voting option that works best for you

**did you know you can vote online? it begins on Oct 9!**

Step 3 is vote. Whether you vote online from the 9th onward, or wait until the final day on the 22nd, how you vote and who you vote for is up to you!

ย ward maps

The city is split into 7 wards, each ward has people running to be the councillor there and people who live in that ward all vote for their own ward councillor. The Mayor position and At-Large positions (5) are all voted on by everyone. So check the ward map to see which ward you live in!

There are so many…

This is a big election. It can seem sort of ridiculous that you have to pick a mayor, a councillor for your ward then 5 people for at-large. There are 11 people running for mayor, 26 at-large and a handful for each ward. That may seem like a daunting amount of people but how you pick is up to YOU!

Clicking the above button brings you to the city page where each candidate was able to put up their platform and a picture. It is a great first place to see who catches your eye.

PLease vote!

In order for the democratic process to work, we need as many people as possible to take part in it. I personally am a progressive candidate and if younger voters don’t come out, it is very hard to be able to represent their very important perspective!

If you have any questions, casual or technical, click the button above and fire me a message. I have time for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s get you out this election!