Strategy vs Tactics: the difference between the two

Tactics: boots on the ground

When you define the difference between Tactics and Strategy, you are doing it to help develop perspective in your business, organization or project. Tactics are the policies, action plans and projects that you engage in for specific goals and benchmarks. Your tactics define the “boots on the ground” tangible steps you take that move directly towards a goal.

Examples of Tactical moves:

  1. Turning off lights to save electricity
  2. Customer Service rules
  3. Changes in a daily schedule
  4. A plan to achieve a specifc goal

Strategy: the view from sky high

Strategy is all about perspective. When you are looking at the long term vision for your company or organisation, you are building a strategy. A strategy is made when you build a longer term plan and take into account things like the company mandate, mission, vision and the overall goals of the leadership. When you take the time to define the strategy, (strategic planning) you build a framework for the future. Defining exactly where you want to get to after a certain amount of time (benchmark) and how you want people to feel about your organization (brand) allow you to set the foundation of goals and rules that your tactics will exist to achieve and follow.

Examples of Strategic planning:

  1. Making a 5 year plan
  2. Defining threats to the organization
  3. Examining quarterly or yearly progress
  4. Establishing a brand identity