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Living through losing

I was broken, defeated and utterly discouraged. I had lost, completely and with no excuses, [...]

What is a Municipal Election

It is so important to vote! I'll help!

Student Perspective on Thunder Bay: With Farhan Yousaf

We need to focus on jobs for students and the investment in business to make [...]

Growing in Thunder Bay: Tomatoes

This year my tomatoes are doing great. This beautiful little ruby is the first cherry [...]

My Grandmas Pancakes

When I think Pancakes, I always think of my Grandmother Beatrice Stadey On the weekends [...]

What to do when you don’t know what to do

Sometimes in business you run into a brick wall. This can be as simple as [...]

An Adventure with Brian Hamilton

I got the chance to meet up with Brian Hamilton today. He had mentioned previously [...]

Strategy vs Tactics: the difference between the two

Tactics: boots on the ground When you define the difference between Tactics and Strategy, you [...]

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